Biography Negri

Sandro Negri was born in Virgilio (in the province of Mantova) in 1940 and he died in Mantova on the night of Saint Laurence 2012. The close bond with the rural environment begins during his childhood and becomes one of the favourite themes of his work. He starts with a personal exhibition in 1970 and his first monograph is published in 1976 with a preface by Dino Villani. Negri is a person with an immediate communicative potential but he is also a versatile artist.

In 1989 he opens an atelier in Paris. In 1991 he is charged to paint the advertisement for the film “Vincent and Theo” by Robert Altman with the aim to show the emotional tragedy that involves the Van Gogh brothers. In 1993 he prepares a retrospective, edited by Eva Benedetti and with a catalogue by Electa, in Palazzo Ducale in Mantova, and in 1994 at Rocca Normanna, with the contribution of Comune of Paternò (Catania).

In 1995 he opens a study in Montanara Curtatone (Mantova), in the seventeenth-century Palazzo Cavalcabò.

From 1997 two works by Negri are part of the permanent collection “Vivian and Gordon Gilkey” at Portland Art Museum.

In 2001 in the occasion of the opening of the Plenipotentiary Palace in Mantova, they organize an anthological exhibition under the sponsorship of the spokesman for the Arts of Mantova province and Mantegna’s house.

In 2002 with the collaboration of the London “Gagliardi Gallery”, they organize an exhibition at  “The Lord Leighton House Museum” in London, that meets with the critics’ and the consumers’ approval.  In 2002 he participates to the travelling exhibition in Spain Paginas desde Lombardia un Museo de Arte Contemporaneo.

In 2004 he opens another exhibition in Portland (USA). During the same year Silvana Editiorale sets his work with an important publication signed by Raffaele De Grada and Claudio Rizzi.  In 2004 he is also invited at the exhibition Poetiche del ‘900 at Castel Ivano in Trento province.

In 2005 the event Paginas desde Lombardia - Itineranti di Ritorno is opened in Italy at Civico Museo di Maccagno. In the same place he participates to the exhibition Metafore di paesaggio (offered again at the Museum of Modern Art of Gazoldo degli Ippoliti in Mantova province and at Spazio Guicciardini in Milano). In the same year, on the occasion of a personal exhibition in Milano, Rossana Boscaglia signs the introduction of the catalogue.

In 2006 he opens the great anthological exhibition Evocate immagini at the Civico Museo Parisi Valle di Maccagno (Varese), edited by Claudio Rizzi, with a catalogue by Nicolini Editore. In Maccagno he also participates to the exhibitions Acquisizioni 2006 and Arte Contemporanea in Lombardia - Generazione anni ‘40.

In 2008 the Swatch Group, with the contribution of Azzali 1881 Jewellery in Mantova, chooses Negri to celebrate its twenty-five-year activity and asks the artist to personalize a set of 299 watches, that are exclusive pieces that were presented in his atelier during an event dedicated to Swatch club collectors.

In 2010 the city of Portland (USA) dedicated him an exhibition to celebrate his first 50 years of activity.

In June 2011 he was invited in Moscow as the leading artist of an event dedicated to him at Mercedes offices; in September he organized a personal exhibition at Bogolubov Art Gallery.

In 2012 there was the exhibition “Tribute to Virgilio’s Literature”. It was the result of a workshop with 600 students of “Virgilio Comprehensive School” that was introduced during Festivaletteratura in 2011. It was realised in the occasion of the re-opening of the restored Virgilian Museum in Pietole (Mantova), birthplace of the Latin poet and of Negri.

In Spring 2011 the Association Postumia invited him for an exhibition in Gazoldo degli Ippoliti. He presented works of 70s and 80s; its title was “The origins and the roots”.

After his death Brian Marki Gallery of Portland (USA) dedicated to Negri a retrospective: “Archives”. In December Errepi Art Gallery of Mantova paid a huge tribute to the artist.

In January 2014 Brian Marki opened his new space in Palm Springs (California) with a great exhibition dedicated to Negri, considering him as the artist who most gave great success to his gallery in the USA in the last years.

Many critical documents enclose his works and all the literature is to be found at “Ad Acta”, Associazione Culturale Milano and Archivio per l’Arte Italiana del Novecento, “Kunsthistorisches Institut” in Firenze. During the last years Negri has exhibited in private galleries and institutional seats of several Italian and foreign cities, such as Rome, Milan, Florence, Bologna, Verona, Desenzano del Garda, San Gimignano, London, Geneva, Lugano, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Goteborg and Helsingborg (Sweden), Malaga (Spain), Nijmegen, Hooghalen and Helenaveen (Holland), Orlando, Washington D.C., Portland, Palm Desert and Seattle (USA).